A Church and a Hair Stylist: How to Find a Good One

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Black Women Hair Hairstylist Church Christian Natural Hair Be Bougie Religion
I hate moving, the packing, the loading things in and out your your place and then unpacking. All of that is not fun to me. I mean, I like starting anew and moving to another location. I could forgo all that other stuff with moving. And there are two things I really loath about relocating- finding a new church home and finding a new hair stylist.

Boy oh boy! I have said this for years-the 2 hardest things for a black woman to find are a church and a hair stylist.

Black Women Hair Hairstylist Church Christian Natural Hair Be Bougie Religion

There is something to be said about having a good worship center. Going to church and hearing the Word calms me, centers me encourages me and uplifts me. So when you find a church that has a Minister that preaches and teaches for your everyday life, with a great praise and worship ministry, ample parking, convenient worships times and close to your home. You hit the spiritual jackpot. Then you have to move. How do you replicate that? It is so sad and hard. But wipe your tears and I suggest…

  1. Pray for the Lord to lead you.
  2. Make a non-negotiable list.
  3. Ask recommendations from your former pastor/clergy, family, friends and co-workers
  4. Go to a different church every week, even if you have to go alone
  5. Don’t give up
  6. Spread the word when you find a good one

Black Women Hair Hairstylist Church Christian Natural Hair Be Bougie Religion
At the same time, a good hair stylist is also so very hard to find. One, whose shampoo technique can make you feel like you’re in heaven while sitting at the sink. One who cuts colors and styles. A stylist that is about making your hair as healthy as it can be and values your time and money.  Furthermore, one who you just vibe with. They listen to your problems and gives sound advice and vice versa. That stylist is worth their weight in gold. Then you have to move. DEVASTATION!!! You don’t know how many times I have prayed and asked the stylist to come with me. When your prayer isn’t answered and your stylist stays put. What do you do?? Similar to the  list as above:

  1. Pray for the Lord to lead you
  2. Ask recommendations from your former stylist, family friends and co-workers.  Even ask the random lady with a hair style you admire. I’m sure after you give her a compliment she will be happy to give you the details of her stylist.
  3. Search on Yelp, social media or hair magazines
  4. Make an appointment for something basic then look at other clients who come in and out.  
  5. Don’t feel bad leaving one stylist and going to another (even in the same salon) That’s the price of business and you have to go to who you feel is best. And don’t feel like you have to given them an explanation.
  6. Don’t give up
  7. Spread the word when you find a good one.

Just some tips I’ve gained along they way in my many moves and heartbreaks over having to leave a church or  hair dresser I’ve loved. I would love if you would comment with some of your tips.

Black Women, Church, Christian, Religion, Hair, Natural Hairstylist

From one Bougie girl to another,


Allyson Hilliard

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