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We're Tired...

Posted by Be Bougie on

No matter the number of degrees we hold, our socioeconomic status, the neighborhood we reside, or accolades we possess in our professional careers, the color of our skin will not change- and that's what people see first and foremost. 

A Church and a Hair Stylist: How to Find a Good One

Posted by Allyson Hilliard on
I have said this for years-the 2 hardest things for a black woman to find are a church and a hair stylist.

Finding the Silver Lining in the Loss of an Icon

Posted by Kasandra on
Finding the Silver Lining in bad situations is hard but its necessary for you to keep going in this ride called Life.

I’m "too" _____but that’s what’s needed!

Posted by Allyson Hilliard on

"All of the personality traits, the good ones and the bad ones, are vital to fulfill your assignments while on this earth."

Letting My Light Shine…Let’s Yours Shine Too

Posted by Allyson Hilliard on
There is no purpose that is more or less than the other.