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The Power of Saying No: Why Professional Women Should Embrace this Essential Skill

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As professional women, we are often told that saying "yes" is the key to success. In our prior blog we told you all about leaning into the Power of "Yes". But sometimes saying yes is not always the best way to go. You know like saying "yes" to more work, saying "yes" to more meetings, say "yes" to more networking events. We're getting anxiety just writing this.  But that's what we were taught in college and grad school. And let's be honest the message is clear: getting ahead means you need to be constantly available and always willing to take...

The Power of Saying Yes: How Professional Black Women Can Seize Opportunities and Achieve Success

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Ultimately, the power of saying "yes" lies in the sense of empowerment it brings. By taking control of your life and embracing new opportunities, you're demonstrating your own agency and capability. You're showing yourself and others that you have the power to shape your own destiny...

How do you determine your worth?

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You. Are. Worth. It. No apologies necessary. ⠀

A day late & a dollar short

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Know & negotiate your worth. 

We're Tired...

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No matter the number of degrees we hold, our socioeconomic status, the neighborhood we reside, or accolades we possess in our professional careers, the color of our skin will not change- and that's what people see first and foremost. 



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