Be Bougie was born out of a real conversation between two good girlfriends, Allyson and Kasandra.

Back in 2018, they found themselves sharing stories about how often people called them "Bougie," as if it was something negative. But why should having high expectations and wanting the best be seen as a bad thing? They decided to flip the script, creating a brand that sparks conversations about expectations, self-worth, confidence, and the desire for more - all without apologizing for it.

Our mission at Be Bougie is to inspire you to live your life to the fullest, holding high standards and unapologetically embracing who you are. We envision a world where everyone embraces their inner "bougie", nurturing the next generation of young women to grow up with confidence, standing tall and firm in their identity as they strive for excellence.

Over the years, we've met countless customers who resonate with our brand's message - understanding that being "bougie" has many layers. We've been recognized by Meta Vimeo, Voyage Houston, and launched our podcast, "Two Bougie Friends" in 2022. We're not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk - we've raised thousands of dollars to support the Pretty Brown Girl Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to boosting the confidence of young girls and teens.

Meet Our Founders - Allyson and Kasandra. These two dynamic women sparked the movement that is Be Bougie. They're not just business partners, but also good friends who believe in a shared vision. Check out more details about each of them below

What sets us apart? We're not just selling tees - we're selling tees with a purpose.

Every purchase you make helps someone else because we donate 10% of our sales to non-profits that work on building the confidence of young girls and teens. And when it comes to the tees themselves, we're all about quality. No more dealing with annoying shrinkage or low-quality fabric. Our tees are made from 100% soft ring-spun cotton that's pre-shrunk, and our styles are versatile enough to pair with jeans or a cute skirt. In our tees, you make a statement even before you open your mouth.

So, are you ready to embrace your inner "bougie"?

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My New Go to-Well Made Notebook!

I am a notebook SNOB and I'm picky about what kinds of notebooks I write in and I love this notebook. Plenty of pages to write my reflections. I'll be back to grab a few more in different colors as gifts.

So Cute, So Me!

OMG! I LOVE this sweatshirt. It's so cute and so me. I love the embroidery detail. It's giving Bougie Doll, that I can dress up or down. I got the one in pink but will likely get another one in black and white, so many chic things I can do with this one. It's unique, it's fun. I'm obsessed!

Bougie Love

Absolutely subscribe to the sentiment!!!! Love it

Love this shirt!!!!

Good Trouble T-Shirt
Cheryl Biggus
Good Trouble Tee shirt

I love the quality. Washes nicely in warm water. Hang drying is best to keep the good quality of good cotton material.